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1Scrutiny of some fixed point results by S-operators without triangular inequalityF Khojasteh, H KhandaniMathematica Slovaca2020
2An Affirmative Answer to Quasi-Contractions' Open Problem under Some Local Constraints in JSmetric SpacesSanaz Pourrazi-Farshid Khojasteh-Mojgan Javahernia-Hassan KhandaniMathematical Modelling and Analysis5/31/2019
3On quasi-contractive multivalued mappings' open problem in complete metric spacesF. Khojasteh, A. F. Roldan, S. MoradiMATHEMATICAL METHODS IN THE APPLIED SCIENCES2018
4Common approximate T-endpoint property of multi-valued mappingsM. Abbas, F. KhojastehNonlinear and Convex Analysis2020
5Generalization of Darbos Fixed Point Theorem via SRµ-Contractions with Application to Integral EquationsFarzad Zarinfar, Farshid Khojasteh, Mansour VaezpourFILOMAT2018
6A new three-step iteration method for \alpha-nonexpansive mappings and variational inequalitiesSh. Ghasemzadehdibagi, M. Asadi, S. Haghayeghi And F.KhojastehJOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS2018
7A new common fixed point theorem for Suzuki generalized (\psi-\varphi)-weak contractionsGh. Heidari, A. Farajzadeh, M. Azhini, F. KhojastehThai Journal of Mathematics2018
8A new common fixed point theorem for Suzuki type contractions via generalized \psi-simulation functionsGh. Heidari, A. Farajzadeh, M. Azhini, F. KhojastehSahand Communication in Mathematical Analysis2018
9An approach to best proximity points results via simulation functionsErdal Karapınar, Farshid KhojastehJournal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications2017
10Some new fixed point theorems under (A,S)-contractivity conditionsN. Shahzad, A. F. De Hierro, F. KhojastehRevista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales. Serie A. Matemáticas22017
11Fixed point of multi-valued contractions via manageable functions and Liu's generalizationM. Javahernia, A. Razani, F. KhojastehCogent Mathematics & Statistics2017
13Some applications of Caristi’s fixed point theorem in metric spacesF. Khojasteh, E. Karapinar, H.KhandaniFixed Point Theory and Applications2016
14A New Approach to the Study of Fixed Point Theorems with w-Distances via R-FunctionsF. Zarinfar, F. Khojasteh, S. M. VaezpourJournal of Function Spaces2016
15The Study of manageable functions and approximate fixed point property with their applicationF. Khojasteh, A. F. R. Lopez de HierroCommunication in Nonlinear Analysis2016
16Common fixed point of the generalized Mizoguchi-Takahashi’s type contractionsM. Javahernia, A. Razani, F. KhojastehFixed Point Theory and Applications2015
17Endpoints of \phi-weak and generalized \phi-weak contractive mappingsF. Khojasteh, S. MoradiFilomat2015
18A note on fixed point results in complex-valued metric spacesS. A. Al-Mezel, H. H. Alsulami, E. Karapınar, F. KhojastehJournal of inequality and its Applications2015
19A new approach to the study of fixed point theory for simulation functionsF Khojasteh, S Shukla, S RadenovićFilomat2015
20Common f-endpoint for hybrid generalized multi-valued contraction mappingsM. Abbas, F. KhojastehRACSAM2014
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