Mohamadreza Jalali

Criminologist, researcher in criminal science

Educational Information

GradeGraduated AtMajorUniversity
MScCriminal Law and Criminology
Ph.DCriminal Law and Criminology
SeminariesJurisprudence and PrinciplesQom Seminary

Employment Information

Service LocationPosition NameEmployment TypeCooperation TypeBase
Department of Lawmember of the Department of Law(not set)Full Time

Executive Activities

Expert of the Department of Law

Head of the Criminal and Criminology Working Group  

Secretary of the Research Council

Research Officer 

Head of Legal Department

In charge of the appointment secretariat

University Selection Manager

Responsibility to review the moral competence team

Head of the Department of Law

First rank in undergraduate degree
First rank in masters degree
Author of the year of Islamic Azad University in the field of law and political science
The author of the best book of Islamic Azad universities in central Markazi province
The author of the best book of Islamic Azad University of Arak
Introduction to Law of Science
 Legal terminology
 Civil procedure
Commercial Criminal Law
 Procedure for prosecution
General criminal law
 Exclusive penalty Law
 Jurisprudence texts
 Civil Law
 Legal texts in foreign language
 Code of Criminal Procedure
Criminal Economic Law
History of criminal law developments
Police and crime detection
Adequate Exclusive Penalties
Criminal psychology
Criminal Sociology
Procedure for prosecution
Revision of Civil Law
Business Law
Complaints and Criminal Bills
Terminology of Criminal Titles
Criminal law / Criminology / Jurisprudence / Principles / Punishment / Criminal policy / Criminal policy

Research Activities

Research methodology and writing
Drafting and Thesis Writing

Member of the Scientific Committee The first seminar on the development of criminal law in the context of the New Islamic Penal Code, Ferdowsi Hall of the Islamic Azad University of Arak Branch. 2014

Responsible for the scientific committee of the "Citizenship Rights Based on Shahadat" conference, the National Congress of Imam Khomeini's role and the 6200 martyrs of the Central Province in the Holy Defense. 2019

Secretary of the Conference on the Transformation of Criminal Procedure 92, Organizer: University of Applied Sciences, Markazi Province, Venue: Ferdowsi Hall of Azad University, Arak Branch.2015

Member of the elite community of Markazi province

Executive Director of Iranian Criminology Association in Markazi Province, ID of Association of ASO127, Date of Acquisition License Date 12/07/1993, Registration date 14/02/1994, No. 7891, Faculty of Law, Shahid Beheshti University, Evin, Tehran, iran.

Member of the Committee on the Rights of the Study Group on Science and Religion, Imam Khomeini's Thought Room, Arak University

Member of the Youth and Elite Research Club of the Islamic Azad University of Arak Branch

Member of the National Ethics Committee for Biomedical Research